New Poll Provides Candid Insights Into Government’s Use of Mobile Solutions

A new Market Connections-FierceGovernment IT PulsePoll™ shows that federal employees believe mobile devices make them more productive.

300 federal employees responded to the survey in March and April, with 60 percent of the participants being federal civilian employees.  Seventeen percent work for the Defense Department or a military agency.  Approximately 22 percent are in the legislative branch and about three percent are in the judicial branch.

Below are the key findings.

Enhanced Productivity

More than 80% of government employees agree that a mobile device makes them more productive and is critical to doing their job. Seventy-two percent say they spend more time working while traveling or commuting as a result of their mobile devices. And 62% say mobile devices increase their productivity when working in the field.

Mobile Solutions Free Up Time

The people who said their mobile devices make them more productive at work estimated how many additional work hours they generate per week. The vast majority, 79%, said they generate three or more hours per week, while 51% say they generate five or more hours per week and 29% say they generate seven or more hours per week.

Use of Tablets Enhances Productivity

Respondents who use a tablet and a smartphone are significantly more likely to feel enhanced productivity than those who use only a smartphone –92 percent versus 78 percent, respectively.

Mobile Solutions Dictate Where and How Much People Work

Thanks to mobile devices, 63% percent of government workers say they spend more time at home or after hours on work they otherwise would not dos.

In a time when resources are stretched while mission requirements remain the same, these PulsePoll™ results reinforce that mobile solutions can increase government efficiency, enhance field work and add flexibility that enhances productivity.  For industry members, working with agencies to develop the right mobile and security solutions can present ongoing opportunities to serve government and increase productivity.

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