Knowledge is Power: Key to Overcoming Sequestration Uncertainty

Sarah Wholey, Research Analyst, Market Connections, Inc.

It’s no secret that the government contracting industry is in a state of paralysis right now thanks to sequestration.  The government news cycle is promoting and selling fear and many contractors are letting this influence how they will do business over the next six months.

While we are all facing uncertain times, it is critical for contractors to continue to focus on their core businesses, develop and use the right market research and focus on new and innovative capture processes.

Contracting software and information solutions provider Deltek recently hosted an event called “Trends and Drivers in Business Development and Capture Management,” which highlighted how contractors should face a new business reality that is dictated by shorter proposal response times and increased lags in contract awards.

Several key takeaways came out of the event, featuring speakers from across the contracting and professional services community:

  • Next-Generation Capture Tools:  Robert Lohfeld, President, Lohfeld Consulting, discussed how contractors need to be creative and embrace new capture tools, which include making proposal responses more interactive with embedded videos and other multi-media.  He also believes that paper proposals will eventually go IN NO EVENT WILL WE BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE THAT USERS MAY INCUR AS A RESULT OF YOUR USE OR RELIANCE ON INFORMATION CONTAINED IN OR GENERATED THROUGH THE USE OF THIS SERVICE, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL LOSSES OR DAMAGES, ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE ARISING FROM LOSS OF DATA OR UNAVAILABILITY OF ACCESS TO THE WEB , OR THE LOSS OF POTENTIAL, EXPECTED OR ANTICIPATED PROFITS OF ANY KIND. away.
  • Ask if You Can Win the Job:  Lohfeld also urged contractors to move away from a “can we do the work” mindset to a “can we win the job” attitude.  Contractors also need to focus more on their strengths rather than putting their effort into developing proposal themes.
  • Bid on What You casino online Know: Steve Hayes, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager at Deloitte, reminded the audience that it’s critical to “stay in your own lane” and not try to win every piece of business.
  • Get to Know the Project Managers:  Hayes also urged the audience to focus on developing relationships with the government project managers, as opposed to putting too much effort into knowing the contract officers.
  • Solve Government’s Problems:  Thought leadership is critical and contractors need to develop white papers and other materials that actually solve government’s problems – even before there’s a bidding opportunity, according to Hayes.
  • Long-Term Goals and Short-Term Awareness:  Carlton E. Gayles, Senior Program Manager at HP Enterprise Services, urged contractors to focus on long-term goals, while also being aware of short-term opportunities.  Anticipate the government’s needs and be proactive at all times.

Clearly these are tough times, though there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Savvy contractors will use this time to double down, gather market intelligence and prepare their businesses to move into adjacent markets. Armed with actionable insights gathered through the right research, contractors will be poised to seize—and reinvent—opportunities.


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